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Snapdragon Workshops offer the services of highly qualified museum professionals specialising in fun educational activities for museums, galleries, schools, preschools and community arts projects etc. These include craft activities, designer/maker workshops, story telling, object handling and reminiscence activities for all ages and with particular reference to the National Curriculum. We also deliver parties and events. Specialisms include: reminisence, arts, crafts (including for instance papermaking and paper engineering, knitting, embroidery and blacksmithing) natural history (for instance palaeontology workshops handling fossils; Poo Detectives!; increasing biodiversity in the garden; pond digging; bird/bat/hedgehog box making), environmental responsibility (making art from rubbish; reducing carbon footprints etc), social history (Second World War parties; Tipi living; Aboriginal culture) and archaeology (for instance cave art; flint tools; and metal detecting). As you can see from some of the examples below our workshops often have strong environmental themes. We can supply all the art materials and props. We also create and provide worksheets, quizzes and other support materials for school visits to museums and galleries, and can provide preparation materials for teachers before the visit and support and themed activities post-visit.

Snapdragon Workshops is run and mostly delivered by Gemma Goodall, a qualified freelance museums and galleries educator and a qualified reminiscence worker but she has access to other qualified specialists too. We were was based in East Anglia but are now in Shropshire and undertake work further afield in museums, nurseries, pre-schools, primary schools and visitor attractions and deliver private parties and workshops. See examples below!. If you are interested in our philosophy and how we present interesting subjects in a relaxed, fun and creative atmosphere to learn more about the world around us or if you are interested in workshops we offer as outreach to schools,then please use the links at the bottom of this page

These are some of the workshops, parties and events we have either organised and delivered or taken part in recently:

  • Designer-maker workshops - kites, masks, costumes, puppets, hats and organic sculptures

  • Science and nature through creativity - geology, evolution of flight, food webs, insect life

  • Superstitions, traditions, and fairy tale fun
  • nursery rhymes, fairy tale enacting
  • Historical and enactment workshops - World War II, Victorian Washdays

  • Art and craft workshops - paper engineering, organic sculptures, the art of ancient Egypt, prehistoric Norfolk

  • We have delivered several workshops for the Eden Project in Cornwall, each on a different theme and each between three and five day's duration:
  • Fossil Plants and Foodwebs - the evolution of the Plant Kingdom.
  • The beneficial uses of plants throughout history - part of Eden's "Look Good, Feel Good" season.
  • Halloween at Eden.
  • The Evolution of Flowers - looking at the evolution of flowers - past, present and future.
  • Rainforest Canopies.

    Recent clients have included:

    Visit the Eden Project
    Please note that everyone appearing in photos on this website has given their permission, and childrens' parents have signed forms giving pernmission.

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    To contact us, please email or call 079777 34344.

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