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Our philosophy:

At Snapdragon Workshops we provide a fun and relaxed environment where we cater for all learning styles and abilities through the use of basic skills. We welcome individuals, families and other types of groups no matter what age you are. Learning through creative fun isn't just for children. Everyone has the ability to be creative and everyone's input is valuable. We particularly encourage adults to participate. Not only is cross-generational teamwork particularly important and rewarding but many participants get to re-live their childhood! Whilst doing so they often reminisce and share their memories with the group.

We provide an opportunity for children to learn to express themselves creatively as individuals and have confidence in their own abilities. However, we also encourage children to share materials and ideas, and to learn to together through teamwork for problemsolving.

We make a particular effort to work with people on a one-to-one basis. We respect the fact that not everybody is comfortable working in a group as people have different learning styles, abilities, and levels of confidence.

Our aim is that at the end of the workshop or drop-in session everyone gets to take home good memories, new skills and increased confidence as well as their own unique creation.

Please note that everyone appearing in photos on this website has given their permission, and childrens' parents have signed forms giving pernmission.

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