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Designer-Maker Workshops

Our Designer-Maker workshops introduce children to the processes necessary to develop their ideas so that they can design an item and successfuly make it. These sessions are adapted for specific age groups but are particularly appropriate for ages 5 to 16. We take children step by step through the different stages of design concepts, helping the participants to ask themselves the relevant questions that will make their task easier to achieve and produce more satisfying results.
We lead the sessions in an informative way that is always fun, with the emphasis on equality of ideas and a creative outcome for everyone. With object handling and plenty of source material available there is never any lack of inspiration for these workshops, as you can see from some of these pictures! All children leave with a sense of achievement, confidence and a smile.
Detailed risk assessments are undertaken whenever planning a new workshop or working in a new location. For example all paints, crayons and other materials used are deliberately non-toxic!

  • Mask designing and making

  • These are simple masks made from paper, card and recycled materials. Children were asked to design and make a mask representing a character from a favourite story. We had two little pigs, a phoenix, Frankenstein, Batman, a Tiger, Barbar and a clown. The children learnt how to become the character by wearing the mask and went on to participate in story-telling.

  • Designing and making hats

  • This workshop was held on National Hat Day! Participants made hats from a variety of materials to reflect their personalities. This culminated in a parade at the end of the day and a discussion session in which they were encouraged to use descriptive words to explain the shapes, colours and materials they had used.

  • Costume designing and making

  • This three day workshop concentrated on the four elements: earth, air, fire and water. The children had to choose one element and an animal that would live within it. Through a design process of using no more than three colours their objective was to design and make a head-dress from paper-mache and a cloak by tye-dyeing. They also had to write their own story or poem that described the animal they were. This culminated in a pageant and story telling evening for their parents which included a Fire-Dragon, Dolphin, Snail, Salamander, Butterfly, Octopus, Flying Fish and a Worm!

  • Designing and making: "Recycled Robots!" (It's fun but Rubbish!)

  • This was a workshop that looked at waste and recycling issues. After a brief discussion session we decided we needed to make robots for the future to clean up rubbish - and that these robots themselves should be made from recycled waste materials that the children had collected. They followed a design process starting from initial ideas and drawings through to producing a finished 3D robot, and then put the finished pieces through a rigorous assault course. Some robots even squirted water to help clean up, whilst others sported brushes!

  • Designing and making puppets for storytelling

  • Kite designing and making

  • A one-day workshop studying principles of flight and kite-making but also design issues and processes. Their objective was to design and make a kite by looking at creatures that fly, but some of the younger children decided on self-portraits. Participants took their own photos of their designs and kites, some of which are shown below.

    Oliver on the left decided on a cheerful self-portrait, whilst his brother Edward on the right designed a "Sun-face".

    Laura, above, looked at stained glass windows for inspiration and chose to make a Dove of Peace with tissue paper to give a beautiful transparent effect.

    Emily designed her kite based on a "lady" butterfly, complete with 3D curly tongue and decorative bows in her antennae.

    Sarah made a dragonfly-inspired kite, Ralph based his on a Chinese flying-fish and Ella and Nick both produced self-portraits.

  • Making clown masks with the Imagine Project in Thetford, Norfolk, with Project Leader Simon Hoffman.

  • A one-day workshop looking at circuses and clowns. We started with a discussion on clowns, what they do and what they look like. We then made collages of clown faces using a variety of materials. We used these collages as inspiration for our three dimensional masks. The masks were created by the children making moulds of each others faces with Modroc (bandages impregnated with plaster of Paris), and decorating these moulds once they were dry. The photos below illustrate the processes involved as well as giving examples of the finished pieces.

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