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Art and Craft workshops:

  • Art Attack! Art and Craft drop-in sessions for all the family at "Roots of Norfolk", Gressenhall Rural Life Museum. All workshops are held in the Early Years Centre on special event days and school holidays. Contact the museum for details (see our "Locations" page, and "Future Workshops"). Each themed workshop is specifically designed around natural history and environmental issues relating to the site and the time of year. These events have proved to be very popular - all ages are welcome!

  • "Mammoths On The Edge!" - Prehistoric Art workshops

  • One family orientated workshop, and one workshop for adults (28th August and 14th September 2002, respectively) these workshops combined object handling with creative artwork in a variety of media to produce pieces inspired by prehistoric art. From handling fossils to get a grip on the distant past, to creating pigments and paints from natural sources and creating "cave paintings" with fingers, this was a workshop designed for those who like to get their hands dirty. This was part of the "On The Edge" season of events and workshops organised by the North Norfolk based Down To Earth, an "artist led initiative that seeks to show contemporary art in non-gallery venues and through a programme of workshops and supporting events make art accessible to a wider audience".

  • Paper making, Origami, pop-up card design and paper engineering workshops

  • Paper making workshops include recycling paper and card by the processes of shredding and pulping materials by hand, and adding natural products such as grasses and flowers to give colour and texture. We also use leaves and twigs to make patterns.
    Pop-up card and paper engineering sessions teach the various processes involved in making a dynamic 3D image in the form of a greeting card concentrating on creating movement and sound. Designs include a snapping dinosaur, an opening flower, a hungry chick, a happy frog face, a leaping hare and flapping butterflies and dragonflies.
    Other sessions include the art of Origami.

  • Pebble painting workshop

  • A pebble-painting workshop for younger children, held in Shropshire, using favourite animals and the natural world as inspiration.

    Please see our page "Designer-Maker Workshops" for other examples of inspirational arts and crafts events.

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